This young man wanted to improve his presentation skills in pursuit of a promotion - but hated the sound of his own voice!  We ‘tamed’ his voice, improved his over-complex visual support, boosted his confidence - and got him the job!

This ambitious young woman recognised that the quality of her client presentations didn’t match that of her design work.  By showing her how to prepare, and finding a comfortable format for her client presentations, they  became more relaxed, confident - and successful.

This gifted journalist consistently ‘froze’ when faced with an audience - but was suddenly coerced into addressing 600 people at a London publishing event.  By dealing openly with his preconceptions of how he both looked and sounded, he found the confidence to get him though his ordeal.

This young woman was asked to unveil a new ‘modern’ corporate identity to the notoriously ‘traditional’ trustees of a major charity.  We worked together to explore possible objections - and reshaped her content to ensure its rationale was logical and compelling.

This woman felt her ‘voice’ put her at a disadvantage in board meetings, so tended to ‘hide behind’ her PowerPoint. We found ways to make sure she became the focus of attention - not her on-screen graphics - and gave her the confidence to ‘stand up and speak out’.


Some recent corporate clients