One-to-one training is, by far, the most effective way to acquire your new presentation skills. Your training is tailored precisely to your needs and aspirations, sessions can be arranged at times and in places to suit you and, above all, you'll benefit from individual, quality training in a confidential environment - free from distractions and inhibitions.

I'll ask you to bring a current or recent presentation, which I'll ask you to deliver. Together, we'll analyse your performance, as well as your content and visual support - then work on changes and improvements that we agree are needed to make your presentation more effective - and make you feel more comfortable about delivering it!

A great deal can be accomplished in a single two or three hour session. The ideal scenario is to fix a 'double session' - two sessions booked a week or so apart, giving you time to absorb what you've learned and to rework your presentation, then return to concentrate on the critical finer points of your delivery.

Although there are common elements to most sessions - presentation structure, appropriate visual support, vocal delivery and ‘nerves’ being the most common - your session will be tailored to deal with your needs and concerns as we discover them.

Feeling nervous is a natural part of 'performing' in front of any audience. The most seasoned presenters - even professional performers - will tell you that nerves never 'go away' entirely. In fact, it's said that when you stop feeling some degree of nervousness, you've lost something of your energy and commitment. It is possible however, with understanding and practice, to control any feelings of panic!

I wouldn't encourage anyone to attempt to 'change' his or her voice. Instead, I'd show you how to 'modulate' your voice, help you avoid a monotonous or hesitant delivery, and show you how to breathe correctly when performing! Believe me, breathing incorrectly is probably one of the most common barriers to speaking clearly, coherently and confidently in front of any audience!

Badly designed or inappropriate visual support can do untold damage to any presentation, however well conceived or delivered. The number one rule is to remember that your visuals are there to support you - not detract from you! There are, however, some very simple rules which you can adopt, to ensure your graphics do what they're supposed to do - support your presentation, not let it down.

You can choose any location for your sessions, just as long as it’s quiet and private - and where you won’t get phone or visitor interruptions.  So, we can work at your home, place of business or any other suitable location where privacy is guaranteed - or in my office in central Bath.

I'm happy to travel anywhere, but may have to factor in travelling time or costs into the agreed fee.

As soon as there's space in my diary! Call to discuss your needs and your deadline!

We can agree dates and times by phone or email - which I will then ask you to confirm by email.  This will act as your Booking Confirmation.  Please note that cancellation charges may then apply.

Cancellation without seven working days notice will incur a cancellation charge of up to 50% of the agreed fee, unless the booking is reinstated on another date within one month of the original.

Personal clients are asked to pay 50% of the anticipated fee at the time of booking, with the balance due on the day of the last session. Corporate customers will be invoiced on completion of the session(s) for payment within 28 days. All clients are asked to pay directly into my company account, ideally online or by cheque. I'm afraid I cannot accept credit/debit cards!